she was regarded as a bit of an oddity

eccentric, misfit, square peg in a round hole, maverick, nonconformist, odd one, rare bird, crank; informal character, oddball, weirdo, crackpot, nut, freak, screwball, kook, queer/odd fish, queer/odd duck
conformist, average Joe

his work remains an oddity in some respects

anomaly, aberration, curiosity, rarity

there was a real oddity about their artwork

strangeness, peculiarity, oddness, weirdness, bizarreness, eccentricity, queerness, unconventionality, outlandishness, informal wackiness, kookiness

the oddities of human nature

peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, eccentricity, quirk, irregularity, twist

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